Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Soave £3.29 Tesco

The source wine is from the village of Soave, nothing new there then.

Let's review this old world wine, reminiscent of the Claudosa era.
Colour: Light, looks like diluted wee.
Smell (Aroma): Slightly fruity
Taste: Pleasant

Now we have what is on the bottle:
Floral aromas with a hint of ripe pear. A refreshing dry white wine with apple and citrus fruit flavours.

Verdict: Claudia please let us know how we would pronounce 'Soave'. Claudia is a descendent from the great Claudosa era and has a great historical knowledge of the Vale of Claudosa. If you have some doubt maybe you could ask your father, Bruno is from the Claudosa era is a wise man and I am sure will be of immense help to the young Claudia. Claudia is married to Gary of the Middle Smiths, currently in the Vale of Mretoria. That is where Markus Smith lives, easy to find, just Moogle it on your Mindows Internet Explorer.

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  1. Hi This is Claudia signing in, so the way you would pronounce this really hard word is like.... sw- aaa -ve!!! I hope you can understand my break down!!!!:)