Friday, 31 December 2010

News from Middle Earth on New Years Eve

Middle Earth honours list: Gary and I have been honoured in the Honours List by Angela, we are 'dorks' Honourable Dorks but Dorks none the less, I do wonder what our Middle Earth artist, Lily Florence thinks of all this??? Talking of young ladies, have you seen how Mika has grown, quite the little lady, so much depends on our girls over the coming years and Mika will shine.

Humility is the mother of giants: one sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak. (GK CHESTERTON)

It seems strange that again we live with far flung loved one, Angela is 10 hours ahead of us and it is New Year there already. It is now 6pm and in South Africa it is 8pm. We will be ready for bed, they will be into the New Year. It is just a date, a time, a different place but on all this the same time, the same place. I miss you all, The Ozdales, Middle Smiths, Markus, Musmead, Faydales, Cookydales. We will be better in the New Year and all the New Years to come. We will return those calls, answer those texts and acknowledge those emails, we will, we will.

Dan and Travis are now motorcross riders, breaking their own records time after time. This is breaking news and will be reported on, when the satellite feed come in from South Africa.

Have a great New Year, comment when you want or do not want, be happy and be yourselves.

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