Sunday, 27 March 2011

BST – British Summer Time

Today our clocks went back by 1 hour; my body clock will take a while to catch up. It was amazing to see all the modern gizmo's changing their clocks automatically. I remember in the past, having to go around the house to find all the time displays and changing them manually. We must be 1 hour behind SA and 9 behind Oz, anyway we cannot win this race so we can only deal with it.

Talking of winning, England did not and Vettel did. Both very disappointing results but the best on the day triumphed. They now join SA and Aus on the next plane out of there and back to an English summer of cricket, for England that is, while giving the other two a welcome rest for a month or two. As for the Grand Prix, Massa has lost his touch, since the part of Rubins engine hit him on the head he has just been a road block, all that today and he comes 11th. I do think we have a clear leader at the minute and then three very good cars following, namely McLaren, Renault, Ferrari and hopefully the Brawn MB, although the Sauber and Williams are looking strong. I will stick my neck out and say the World Champion will be Vettel and Red Bull will take the Constructors title, second is a four horse race. Alonso, Hamilton, Button and Webber with Rosberg and Petrov in with a chance. We can only hope the Red Bull of Vettel suffers engine failure more often than not.

My back is mending fast and today Robert and I did some gardening, the start of spring, lawn mowing and weed pulling. I also sprinkled some fertilizing for the lawn and Robert cleaned the patio and path of the long winter's leaves and weeds. Not sure if that is grammatically correct but then I do not suppose all my blogs are. Susan has started Gym again and I am sure will be lean and fit very soon. Michael and Robert continue to do well at school. Samuel Baxter B Jones of Dorset II grows more handsome by the day – too pretty to be a dog.

That website, I was meant to let you know when we launched it, is live. Have I told you before, if not the address is, have a browse and tell me what does not work for you. Robert says it is not clear enough, he prefers the BBC type site. I do see many sites returning to the old table layout and must admit, if done properly, gives clear navigation to what is on the site. Any thoughts let me know.

All for today, enjoy what is left of Sunday is anything is left, thinking of Aus.


  1. What a terrible sporting weekend! No success for many of our teams, but good anyway, Sharks just lost the most amazing of rugby games to cap off a dismal affair. We played cricket most of the afternoon with the whole Middle Smith family and all related Mafia mobsters getting into the act as well. Travis and Dan both will be challenging for provincial colours before we know it.

  2. Provincial, national and world cup, nothing can stop them. A ton from Dan, a fifer from Trav. Middle Earth will be so proud.