Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Dark Side

Today, I had 2 tonnes of concrete, a pallet of bricks and a drum of resin delivered. This is in preparation for the receiving of an Apple Mac computer, all those infectious pips wanting to collide with my humble PC controlled environment. The Hadron Collider has taught me one good thing. Make sure you are prepared for any event, natural or manmade. Tsunami and earth quakes will meet there match. I have spoken at length to the scientists in Japan and Norway and they have assured me my precautions, will contain those dangerous pips, from the Apple.

I still feel someone has to take blame for this paranormal, will we be afraid? Yes, very but we are strong and if Gary of Middle Smiths survived, then we can all. Gary must have the antidote so drop him a line if you feel the need to prevent a global disaster.

With all this I am creating a website with 3 and a half thousand products, all in French, so as those bloody frogs say.
'Une pomme un jour, éloigne le médecin.'

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