Sunday, 8 May 2011

Rain comes at last

Just after 9 last night the heavens opened up, with Donner and Blitzen. We normally have an average rainfall of 170mm in April, about the same in May; to date 7 mm. Low rainfalls to say the least. Most of us live in an urban environment and think little of whether we are having sufficient rain or not. Bring on the sun over the weekends and we are happy, little realising the humble farmer who has just planted his wheat and maize, also the rape is nearing its seeding stage, critical for the plant to get all the water it needs.

I must apologies to anyone who has commented over the last 24 hours. I am sitting at golf waiting for Robert's golf to end and there is no signal here, so cannot go online to check. Will 'blog' replies tonight.

Every time I get an email from Gary of the Middle Smiths, he is sitting in his Braai room enjoying his first beer and catching up on his previously ignored mail. I do get the feeling they are enjoying their new home and it must have a good feel, comfy, relaxed, maybe I will have to take my words back wrt him selling it as soon as he gets a good offer. I sense it will have to be very substantial sum to tease them to move soon.

Lily of Ozdale has just completed a new artwork; I will be framing it and leaving it to one of my children with instructions that they leave it to their children. By then it will be a master piece of incredible value. Angela of Ozdale did have to wash the dog off after Lily finished, as she had started her new master piece on the dog!! Angela, get the artist some paper!!!

I do wonder what Travis would make of his cousin, word has it that little Trav is quite an artist in his own right, must I say it again. Markus get the boy some paper and paint!!

In parting I will leave you with this one thought: When you look at the moon, someone is out there is in the fells and fens, the valleys and the glens.


  1. Jealously has a new name and that name is Gary and Claudia! The Ozdales have bought a Q5...the B-class days are officially numbered, I've received the ultimatum from the Mafia princess that it must be gone before Xmas

  2. Hilarious!!!! My Lily is quite the artist if I do say so myself. Unfortunately, the blue paint on Keppel dried rather quickly and stayed there for a few weeks. It went all gumpy on her coat. Poor tormented dog.