Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Time passing

I shook my fist in rage,
Cursing my sadness, call it my madness.
The raging surge, embittered, passing through; Borrowing time.
The taste of lust is bitter, like glitter in a stolen sky.
Midnight the sky is dark, moon the only light.
Tomorrow I see a tree coloured mountain, with no time.

Gary of Middle Smiths issues these two warnings.
Beware the Hacker! In this day of peer to peer computing make sure you include special characters in your passwords. - gone are the days when 'dantheman' is a suitable password.
The B Class will be gone by Christmas, Ozdale have raised the stacks - more on this breaking news soon. (Q5 or i7, Apple or Audi?)


  1. Completely ridiculous suggestion my lovely Unc. My new RED Q7 is wholeheartedly more delicious than any Cayenne will ever be. Seriously, who names a car a Cayenne. Anyway, we'll only get it in August. I still count it as a Mothers day gift though. Isn't my little Lily so clever to buy her Mommy such a smart car? I'm trying to ignore the fact the THE WIGGLES also have a BIG RED CAR- google it- which she absolutely adores!!! Either way, I'm looking forward to it!

  2. I mean Q5. Sorry. Its still RED though!!!

  3. Q3 is coming as well and baby cayeen...

  4. Who is Wiggles? and how do I google it.Q5/7 all good, red is very good. Thought they only had V6 Holdens in Oz ?? Cayenne with Camel leather interior..Mmmmmmmmmmm. Only James Bond and Audi calls things Q !