Monday, 1 May 2017

To Surrender

Everyone has got two places you need to be, one you can touch and one you cannot see, the one where a stranger is a friend. We all live in the real world but escape all too often to our dreams. Our imagination takes us to places that are good and bad. Some dwell there a lot longer then they should and thankfully, that starts the stories, books and works of art.
For me it is writing, I love it, every time I surrender, I make some dream come true, if only on paper. Zucchero wrote the following lines that is the start to any story.
'I heard the oldest story that nobody seems to know, I think it was about that stranger. It was youth, love and it was danger, it was winter but that warm it gets before the snow, it froze my soul. It was about love and pride and the place to surrender.
I’m crying, about some kid that they found, lying on a beach, born in a manger.'

Onwards and forwards. We went to Walford Mill Crafts with two of Susan's friends. Viv and Anna, great ladies who always laugh at my jokes. Enough about me, lets get back to the Mill. Their website describes it as 'Walford Mill Crafts is a flagship contemporary craft gallery in Dorset and a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England.' Actually it as quite fascinating, home craft and artist in residence. It is amazing what they can do with a little thread and imagination. I do recommend the Mill Stream Cafe for coffee and homemade cake, really worth a visit. I had Victoria Sponge as a treat, Susan did share but then it was a big slice of cake. If you lucky you will see otters in the stream, they have a video in the Mill but the real things is always king.

To Pamphill, Wimborne, tomorrow and a walk to see the Bluebells in Abbots Wood, good chance of rain but I am not complaining.


  1. Keep up the blog. I might not always comment but i do read them

  2. Keep up the blog. I might not always comment but i do read them