Saturday, 10 June 2017

Life, your way

You will meet a lot of people in your life, some good, others. Always remember, don’t stay with those that you bring you down, it is fine to leave and find new people. Very few have a life just full of success. Failure is part of life, you cannot escape some sort of failure, unless of course you never take the chance to succeed. Learn those life lessons from failure, don’t be afraid to fail you might just find success.Many people will help other people, just because, well, there are other people. That’s just how it goes. Terry Pratchett said this in his last Discworld books. Worth a read.

Have you notice how heavy the sun shine can be. On a clear night you lookup and see the stars, the air is free and light, the eye sees forever. As the day breaks the sun shine slowly weighs down your distance and the sky is almost touchable. A barrier covers those bright stars and we look down until dusk. Must say the weather is horrid here today, gale force winds and persistent rain, has put any notion of a stroll along the beach furthest from my mind.

We have a beach permit for the Zafira, our beach car. This brings a freedom to visit whenever we want, for as long as we want. It is funny but that £ 2.08 we have to pay for an hour of parking, is a restraint. Firstly you have to pay it and secondly you constantly aware that you only have an hour. Parking fees always leave a bitter taste, almost like the council, want that last drop of blood. All a little corrupt, firstly we as rate payers, pay the salary of the parking attendant, so he can fine us if we do not pay to park. We have to pay to park in a parking area, we as rate payers, pay the up keep for. In a nutshell, we pay someone, to fine us in our own car park. Our society is burden by corruption and tax, no society is right if you have 40% employed by the governing bodies, who exist through our taxes. The popular belief is that for every £ 100 you pay in tax, £ 37 will be of benefit to the community. Actually that is the same conversion used for Fahrenheit to Centigrade. Multiple centigrade by 1.8 and add 32 will give you roughly Fahrenheit.

I sometimes wonder why the simply task of putting food on a fork and lifting it to your mouth is a problem, never seems to stay on long enough to get into your mouth. I have found, of late, that the forks have a mind of their own. I do believe they are making shaky forks, those that drop food onto your clean t-shirt. It is an interesting theory but I do believe the fork manufacturers are working with the laundry cleaners. Has anyone else found the same problem?


  1. I have had the same issue with these shaky forks. Must be a manufacturing issue.

  2. Yes, just read this and immediately though Michael would have an expert opinion on the problem...Alex may also have a few thoughts on the matter. :)

    1. So it's definitely made it down another generation of Smiths! Perhaps Alex might finally work out the cause!

  3. Somehow the shaky fork gene missed me....but definitely Glen, Mark and Michael...

  4. Somehow the shaky fork gene missed me....but definitely Glen, Mark and Michael...

  5. Somehow the shaky fork gene missed me....but definitely Glen, Mark and Michael...

  6. An elusive gene that comes to only a few.

  7. In my house our problem is more with flicking forks and stabbing forks. I never did say I was raising humans, they are wild animals tho.