Sunday, 5 June 2011

Birthdays and Corfe Castle

I have it on good authority that Birthdays are fun days, fun for the birthday quests and the adventure they seemed to get out of buying that perfect present they like and think the recipient will like as well. What to buy? Lily is sorted and will be getting pink Duplo with numbers and letters on. Just incidentally Duplo and Lego is all about having no boundaries, letting the child build without restraint, numbers and letters are educational tools and as such should be banned from Duplo and Lego. I have to be careful as Lily's mum is a teacher of good standing and will have an opinion. Anyway, enough of the Dicasmithi, which is closer to the Kingdom Of Paramithi, because the Kingdom of Parasmithi also has red cars.

I started this blog in April last year and the one year anniversary passed without any fanfare as we toiled on in our quest to put food on the table. Lily yesterday and Julia Fay today, both Birthday Girls and this is what triggered my little grey cells to find out when I first started to blog. Happy Birthday girls. Robert and Jessica at Julia's birthday.

During the 17th century, Corfe Castle was home to the Bankes family, who were staunch Royalists. Following the outbreak of the Civil War, the Castle was attacked by Parliamentarians. With Sir John away from the Castle, defending the home fell to Lady Bankes and her family, 80 defenders, a cannon and some loyal servants. They successfully held the Castle. Two years later however, during a second siege, Lady Bankes was betrayed by one of her garrison, Col. Pitman. The Parliamentary Troops blew the Castle up. Lady Bankes survived the siege and moved to her family home in Middlesex. She died there 1667.The Bankes family still own most of the land from Corfe to Kingston Lacy and beyond.

I went for a walk around Corfe Castle, passed the Greyhound pub where we have had many a meal, one I remember well, Russell, Irene and Matthew were visiting and we took them for the customary visit to Corfe Castle and Russell made the comment after seeing scaffolding around the left tower.
"How long are they going to take to rebuild this Castle?"

Pausing at The Bakers Arms for lunch brought back floods of memories, Granny June and her half pint which she savoured. Gary and a huge Ploughmans, while Claudia enjoyed a Traditional Chicken Pie. Matthew's mother and father on the day we all had steak and a pint or two. The boys and their ultimate mushroom burgers, always no matter the time of the year, burgers are best.

I remember Mark having cycled to Corfe and about 10 years later Michael doing the same thing. One day we might all meet at Corfe Castle and take a walk and a pint there.


  1. I did not think I would say this but I miss Corfe Castle..

  2. From Lily:
    Hi Sprinkle Pops. I had a wonderful birthday thank you and I can't wait to play with my new Duplo! I don't have any yet so it'll be a great pressie. My Uncle Robert is looking so grown up. Please tell him that he still has to play with me when we come visit even if he is all grown up.. I know Uncle Michael is even more ancient than Uncle Robert so the same message goes for him.
    Lots of love and cuddly 2year old kisses, Lily x