Thursday, 9 June 2011

Grasshopper Warbler vs Wood Warbler

I may of been mistaken, today I tried to listen to a Grasshopper Warbler and what a beautiful call it has, the Wood Warbler was singing away and I could see it singing but alas heard nothing. So it seems it is the Wood Warbler that is silent for anyone over 50. Natural England are now working with farmer to plant the winter crops that birds love and need to see them through the winter. Planting cale, mustard seed and some other wild plants stops the birds from starving. 2%of all the marginal land will save the bird population from starving through the winter. (Grasshopper warbler chicks)
This is a simple matter of economics, marginal land brings an average of £200 per acre profit, Natural England will pay the farmer £400 per acre. All they have to do is plant some wild bird seed every autumn.
We are watching Spring Watch on television every night for the next two weeks. This is a program on how the birds are breeding and when they came back from their migration, swallows from Capetown, Kestrals from the Ivory Coast and some even come from the Rain forest of South America. 9000 miles and the bird is no longer than a box of matches.
Natural Middle Earth wholly supports everything that is being done to help the birds, go to and see the webcam in the nest and barrows.
Thank you all for the comments, it makes sense for Corfe to maybe be the meeting place for all to enjoy. Holding the spirit of my people and good times.

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  1. Is there still that miniture CORFE set up? It's a back down the road where you park and it's a model of the village and castle. Also, is the Teddy bear shop still there?