Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I saw the time go

My life has been a quilt of reds and greens that have never settled. A glimpse of what might have been, stitched by magic, I found hard to hold.
Zoe came around today to introduce us to Harrison, her new born son and as I looked at that sleepy face I saw all the little faces I love, flash by, shocking me for a time lost and the finite time left.
As I looked I saw a grey shadow in the deepest dark beckoning to me and I turned away.

When the weather is good I think we need to go there, I have some sleepy faces I need to see, maybe the hundred times you asked me was enough.

Let us go before a hundred times more and then we ask the question, ‘Why did we not listen when ten times was asked?’


  1. Does that mean we may have a visit from you one day? Xxx

  2. Good things happen to people who wait.....