Sunday, 23 October 2011

Plumbing and the consequences

Leaking taps drive Merlin crazy, after numerous hints to me with regards to the dripping tap, a new approach was taken.
’Would you mind helping me to fix the tap today?’ She asked as if I had a choice.
My father was a plumber and taught me a thing or two but the one I have always dreaded is changing a washer, especially on taps that came from a time before I was born. Anyway it is done to a fashion, different top and a sore thumb but it does shut off properly. A trip to B&Q is need soon, to replace the whole tap as Merlin will only live with a dodgy handle for so long. Enough diy, I thought I was passed all that.

October is drawing to an end with all the autumnal weather that it can muster. A high of 12 deg C, but that cruel wind does shake you up. 50 miles and hour and straight from Siberia, you know it, it  seems to get into your joints. I must admit I enjoy the sun going down at the right time of day, 6:30 and rises just after 7 and soon it will be dark by 5 and rise at 9 ish, fantastic.

This will bring out the grumpy part of Merlin as the beach will not be a comfortable day out. Her tan will go and she firmly believes that a good tan takes 10 years off you and a few pounds as a bonus. Well Christmas will cheer her up, shopping therapy and wrapping will takeover the house and deplete our meagre funds, but all is not lost, think of all the useless presents I will enjoy throwing away.
Just a word of caution, never agree to jumping out a huge birthday cake. You might ask who is going to jump out of a birthday cake for whom? It all come to us at some stage of our lives, jumping out a cake. A soft sponge? No marzipan please and I do not do g-strings, liable to scare the guests and do not forget the children, mummy's little darlings fantasy world will be rewritten. I hope never to have to jump out a cake, this is the last thing I want to say on this delicate matter.
Did you see the squirrel? Is it part of the blog?

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