Sunday, 23 October 2011

That blue building is Life

Sunday morning run along the beach is an ever challenging quest to reach a goal, a distance to arrive at before you stop and walk. We run along Branksome beach mer, from the car park to the blue building, at the moment a building too far, without stopping, but Susan is going to get there before me. It is not about who gets there first, but that you get there. Oh well there is always next week.
Michael is on his way to Cornwall for a few days of surfing and he is being a little to casual about it for Susan to cope with. It will all work itself out and we will be off to breakfast, once she has assured herself he has enough cloths and food for the three days he will be away.
On life and mine seems to be travelling along at a incredible rate of knots or should I say megabytes per second. I am looking forward to the next 10 years of progress. I started my working life, repairing typewriter and moved on to programming the first computers. In those days computers were for programmers and their world of punch cards which then ran enormous banks of tapes. I have seen computers get smaller, faster and more capable of storing millions of documents and all on something you can hold in your one hand.
I have recorded my entire record collections lot to cassette, then to CD and now to MP3 players. Many tracks have been lost in my moving and through neglect but I still have a record player in the garage and you know what, Robert has never heard a track from a record. He would be hard pressed to be able to use a cassette player, but has no need.  iPhone and Laptop take care of everything musical today.
The next 10 years will be very exciting, those who have not kept up with technology will find it increasingly difficult to do the simplest tasks. Bring it on.
Just on the wine again, the second variety is in this blog, let me know if you spotted it? On the first I have had no response so I can only feel encouraged that you are still working it out.

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