Monday, 18 June 2012

The Olympics are just 40 days away

I can understand the huge and expensive opening ceremony, welcome all the countries and their athletes. Alway very popular and a chance to show off but the closing ceremony beats me, why put on a huge party after they have come here, beaten us at everything, no I say, tell them to shod off and find their own way home.
Men are spending almost as much money on fashion wear and cosmetics as women. Who uses cologne? Firming cream? Body spray and shower gel? Maybe, more than I think. Hair gel seems quite popular and watching my two boys here, it seems that they have more colognes, body sprays and shower gels then I thought existed. Soon they will be powdering their face as they did in the Victorian era, history does repeat itself.
Did you know that the Ford Ka has only one airbag, I know, only one you say, yes one, when it explodes, in the unlikely event of an accident, it fills the whole car, they are rather small.
We are expecting a windy weekend, 30 mph winds and hard rain forecast for the next 24 hours and then a brief lull before the back of the storm comes back to give us a second hit. Well that is the forecast and we will probably have none of it but a little wind and some drizzle. It is meant to be a small hurricane, we do not do cyclone, health and safety.

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  1. How exciting... Your turn for the wild weather !!! X