Tuesday, 19 February 2013

I drove the iPanda

Life has a funny way of jumping up on you and giving you a pleasant surprise. Susan passed me the keys of her iPanda and said, 'Would you like to drive?'
Music to my ears, Peoguot has launched a car to try and take on the iPanda. This is a big task, first horse meat and then taking on the iPanda, I can see this ending in the French Sulk, as Hollande does so well.
Driving this beast of motoring engineering takes a real man and under the watchful eye of my passenger I set about taming those wild horses. We drove to Sandbanks Beach cafe and had a Panini and coffee. Lovely place to have the afternoon cuppa. Looking forward from the cafe you see from Old Harry's Rock all the way to The Needles on the Isle of Wright. Looking out the back you see Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island. When next in Poole I will take you there.
All too soon the afternoon was over and with it my drive in the iPanda, such simple pleasures, cuppa and a drive in the iPanda with someone you love make life really worth living. Thank you I am most grateful (must overdo it a bit, might get another chance to drive)
Till Anon

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