Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothers Day

Somehow it makes me think of Home. Home, the place your mother lives. Home is not just a mark on a map anymore than a river is just water. It is the place at the center of you from which every journey radiates and where the heart is fixed. It is a force that forever draws us back and lures us on. Where there is home, there lies hope, the future waits and everything is possible.
Susan was given flowers and a pen for mothers day, Robert and Michael pushing the boat out, but then they are just boys. Bit strange having mothers day on different dates throughout the world. My mother is in my thoughts this day and most others, it is sad I am not able to pickup the phone and wish her happy mothers day but then she would of laughed and told me it is not mothers day in south africa. She would have gone on to tell me all about the beach and the dolphins, her garden and the politics of the day. How happy she is in St Michaels and that she will need to paint the windows soon. How she had the energy I always marvelled.
Happy Mothers Day if you a Mum.

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