Monday, 24 May 2010

Georgian Smith opens Italian Deli

This day marks the opening of Georgian Smith's deli, packed full of products from the Claudosa area of Italy. Image to your right is an artists impression of what this Italian Deli should look like.
Middle Smiths are watching with interest, this new phenonmen, ex Hotelier and Farmer Russell Smith will be putting his incredible expertise into this venture. Those from Middle Earth are waiting for the next part of this opening, when they can buy online.
More to follow with an alarming story of mass murder.


  1. Gary just click on comment and type your comment then choose a profile sign in and post your comment.

  2. Please let the Georgian Smiths know that I've found a deli in Ayr (an hour south of Townsville) that stocks Spiga D'oro pastas. It's very exciting for us! X