Thursday, 13 May 2010

Hardy Chardonnay Varietal Selection 2009 £4.00

On the bottle: This lively Chardonnay has rich varietal melon and peach flavour and a crisp, dry finish.
In my mouth: Loads of grapes, a hint of wood, vanilla oak and gratefully smooth.
Verdict: We played Bere Regis last night and we won, convincingly (Under 12 Dorset County League). Opps the Broccoli is boiling and needs a bit of attention. What do you think of the political hung parliament? A new kind of government, Gordon Brown out, that is a shocker, Nick Clegg is now Vice President, no that’s wrong, Deputy Prime Minister. That is so fashionable, he has taken a few of his shadow ministers of the shadow ministers with him, now that is dark and retro.
I can not really believe we are into May already, spring seems to have gone astray and we are left with the cool winter air still holding off the rich and stronger summer air. I blame it on the Russians, sending their Siberian, icy air currents with the ash from Iceland. We live in troubled time and with our economy in the miserable state that it is in, the chill factors can not be calculated.
The wine, I deviate, good value for money, not an Under Dickens favourite but the Middle Smiths and Merlin will love. Middle Earth news is that Mus is vexed with farming matters and has reversed the role as the dominate Musmeader and is whipping Mally on to new heights.

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