Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Lateral Sauvignon Blanc £5.75 (before discount)

In my mouth: A peach and citrus flavour, well rounded and surprisingly New World, with a dry crisp finish. Good light gold colour wine against a very simple label.

On the bottle: Fresh and fruity with peach and apple flavours with a light, crisp finish.

Verdict: One must always be wary with regards to Chilean Wine; they can be quite sharp and wooded. Both qualities we do not really want when having an easy drinking, light dry white. This particular bottle has surprised me and I will buy it again. The normal retail price of £5.75 is not worth it but with the 3 for £10 it brings it in line with other wines just over £3. I would caution anyone buying a bottle of Chilean wine for more that £3.50 as I really think you will be wasting your money.

Robert has asked "Dad, when will food be ready?" One can only marvel at mother nature's trigger to eat, eat, eat, you are a teenager. To satisfy the teenagers appetite is a constant challenge, I have experience and will come out victorious.

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