Friday, 14 May 2010

Michael' Prom Night

Michael is on his way to his Prom!!! This is his last days of formal schooling, 16 years have flown. He goes onto 6th form, A levels, AS levels. They have numerous names for these extra years of schooling but they equate to my Standard 9 and Matric. He will say goodbye to more than half of the pupils in his class and embrace higher learning, and go on to a University. His desire to be a teacher, first and then a farmer. He is very grown up and understands that he needs the qualifications first and then he will be able to further his education and study some form of rural occupation. He is very interested in Soil Science and Animal Husbandry, but with most of the farmers being tenant farmers, it takes knowledge and a big deposit to get your feet on the land. He has an affinity with the land and with animals, also a natural leader and will do very well as a teacher. His ability to communicate with all ages, will allow his intrinsic talent to develop.

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  1. Oh my gosh! So smart. I'm bursting with pride! He'll make a phenomenal teacher and the kids will absolutely love him. What a clever guy! Big hug, Love me, Matt and Lily xxx