Friday, 28 May 2010

Stormhoek Pinotage £3.49

On the bottle: Big, rich and ripe, great with steak. Unpretentious.

In my mouth: Not that big or ripe, a little soft, with all the berry flavours you would expect from this South African wine.

Verdict: Would buy this Pinotage again and again, South Africa do make the best Pinotage for everyday drinking, smooth red wine that does not empty your pocket but warms the heart. Talking of heart, I hope Lily Florence is feeling better today, nasty thing that being burnt on her wee hands.
This laptop is beginning to irritate me, it pickup the cursor and suddenly you are typing somewhere else. Almost like the mouse has a mind of its own. It is time to look for a Notebook type laptop with at least 9 hours of battery life.
I have news of dissension in the Musmead Manor House, Mally fell off her bicycle and then was barrel by her horse. Nasty things horses, all teeth and hooves, just intent on doing damage. People ride them for, you know I am at a lose to know why, but they do and seem to enjoy the riggers of being bounced about on a bony back bone, as a man I do have bits that dangle between my legs and they do not take kindly to being bounced, strange that, let me know if you have come across similar outdoor punishment.
Back to the troubles, Mally seems to have had her happy mode dislodged and her grumpy mode enabled. This is a third hand report from Himself, Mus, Lord of Musmead Manor. Only Lord until 'She who must be obeyed enters the room.' Buying lights indeed, light bulbs are all that was needed. There she goes again on her Hippo Mobile, iPhone glued to her ear, following a German Camper bent on speeding in a 5 MPH zone, pity the German. Hope by the end of this bank holiday weekend Mally survives the workforce she has, maybe Memma will step into the breech and all will be well again.
Has anyone tried to find someone on Facebook with out a link to their page. Try it if you have an hour and loads of patience. Dark side of binary will win. Time for tea.



  1. Im liking the code you have going with mally and she who must be obeyed there dad!

  2. Lily is feeling much better thank you. She Still has her boxing gloves on to protect the new skin and the one or two blisters that remain. Poor darling. On a brighter note, she is starting to stand by herself, although plonks down as soon as she realizes she's standing alone! Not a daredevil, my little angel pie. I have discovered she still loves me after all and blows me kisses and snuggles up for cuddles. Gorgeous girl. It's quite a thing to have your heart walk outside your body. X