Sunday, 20 June 2010

Birthdays a plenty - Baron Saint Jean £2.99 Aldi (18th June)

Colour: Wee straw
Smell: Tropical fruit juice
Taste: Tropical fruit, not much new there

What they say on the bottle: A dry, refreshing Colombard, Ugni blanc and Sauvignon grapes grown in the region.

Verdict: Buy a case, I have reviewed this wine before, grownups fruit juice and stands the test of time.
The matriarch of Middle Earth is old, very old, only in years, always boosting that she will last to 103 she is still strong in mind and body. Her grandson, Markus Smith is entering his 35th year on this grateful Middle Earth and rages against being 35, when he still has a whole year to enjoy. This is all due to the Middle Smiths who lives in the Vale of Mretoria, time is different there.
Three score years and ten is our allotted time and the Matriarch is saying no to that, Markus will follow suit and his two boys will enjoy him for many a decade still. Happy Birthday Granny June and Mark, you are always in our thoughts and remember the song. 'When I get older, I will be stronger, just a waving flag.' The only redeeming feature of this overrated World Cup, is that inspiring song. I can not help but think of Travis every time I hear this song.
'When I get older, I will be stronger, I will play cricket.'
I hope you have enjoyed this special day and will enjoy your birthday year to come, any thing for a party. Lily Florence has drawn a wonderful picture of her family in the Vale of Mretoria, her second masterpiece is not yet completed, but rumour has it that it is all about her great, great granny who lives in the Vale of St Michael. A character study of our Matriarch, walking with her dogs on the beach, Orange Rocks, which she loves so much. Lily portrays her in the light of what we all say in our hearts. Smiley faces.

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