Sunday, 6 June 2010

Blossom Hill, California White – Signature Blend

On the bottle: Aromatic and fruity. It bursts with pears and honeysuckle aromas and finishes with a zingy hit of refreshing citrus.

In my mouth: Strong fruity bouquet with a smooth finish. Great wine even though it American.

Verdict: Reading the description on the bottle, you begin to wonder about a grape or two. This is still a very good wine for all occasions. Do not be fooled by the Blossom Hill from South African, it is not worth the money.

In my last blog I introduced you to the Faydale family from Brampton. Brampton is more towards the lowlands of Middle Earth.

Well Press of Printerpress, an old established family who have been doing all the printing for Middle Earth since the story began. He made a rare mistake and misspelt all their names. Fulia he named Mulia, it was her 45th celebration. Femma he named Memma, she baked the cake with daisies on. Fessica he named Messica. My apologies to the Faydales, and my thanks to Merlin for pointing this error out to me.
What I did find strange was that Memma is the daughter of Mally from Musmead Manor and we all know that no two people can be called by the same name in Middle Earth. That would just be silly. We are still waiting on news about the background to the milkman that Fulia married; he goes by the name of Feter of Faydale.


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