Thursday, 17 June 2010

Blossom Hill (France) Chardonnay – Chenin Blanc £3.34 (Tesco 3 for £10)

Colour: Rich straw
Smell: Melon, sweet and full of childhood memories
Taste: Very smooth fruity bouquet and a vanilla hint left at the finish, a good everyday dancing, singing wine that will not disappoint.

Verdict: Middle Earth this is the best wine I have tasted, no I am not joking, buy it or you will forever wonder what there is.
Today the Postman brought us news from the Vale of Wallisdown. This Vale was thought to be lost to Middle Earth after the Dark Times but we are overjoyed to hear from them. Hathryn of Hilldale has sent us news. Hathryn is a voluntary conservationist for the endangered Leatherback Turtles of St Lucia. This brave lass brings her expertise to the indigenousness inhabitants of this world heritage site of St Lucia. As of now, she has given her thoughts to the project, soon, will be on the ground and running. How these unsung hero's of Middle Earth motivate themselves is a tribute to the character of all in Middle Earth. Hathryn we love you.
Gary of Middle Smiths is thinking of exporting to the outer regions of Middle Earth, the Dark people, who have an inbred knowledge of all that Mother Nature knows and has been passed down through generations. Deliberate and meditate on this venture of discovery, many have chosen this path, few have successes.

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