Sunday, 6 June 2010

Cape Fairtrade – Chenin Blanc, Colombard. £3.45 Co–op Wine

On the bottle: Combines gooseberry and herbaceous aroma with tropical fruit flavour, fresh and zesty.
In my mouth: Fresh smooth fruity note with a clean finish, a hint of oak helps the character and I will definitely get a bottle or two.

Verdict: Not sure about the gooseberries or the herbaceous aroma, maybe my taste is different to the marketing people. This wine does come from the Cape, so should be available in some guise or other in most bottle stores, buy a bottle and drink it cold.

Celen from Cookydale introduced me to this Cape Fairtrade Chenin Blanc last night at an evening meal with these rugged people. Celen had picked up this bottle for £3.45 from Middle Earth's Co-op Store and a good choice it was. Celen a strong but gentle lady who guides her husband and two boys through the ups and downs of what life throws at them. Cark, her strong, hard working mate, builds endless extensions to their croft, never stopping until he builds the perfect croft for his beloved Celen. In case you are wondering, Cookydale is near to Faydale.
I am afraid that the Middle Smiths, Markus Smith and the Under Dickens will only be able to enjoy this fine wine when gathering at Merlin. In Musmead Manor I have seen an empty bottle of this fine wine and I am sure Mally or Memma will comment on this wine in due course.

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