Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hardy’s Stamp of Australia – Semillon Chardonnay 2008 Vintage Tesco

On the bottle: This wine displays lively citrus fruit character, subtle oak and a crisp dry finish.

In my mouth: Grapes, glorious grapes with a slightly wooded, clean finish.

Verdict: Georgian Smith's, Middle Smith's and Markus Smith, talk to your friendly wine merchant. You may just experience this quality wine with a good chicken and gammon pasta.

Just a notice from the Middle Earth Winemaker:
How to Taste Wine.
1. Colour: Check the colour by swirling it around in the glass, light would mean a young wine, dark it could be aged in oak barrels.
2. Smell: Swirl again then breathe in through your nose and concentrate on the aroma.
3. Taste: Take a fairly generous mouthful, swirl in your mouth and then concentrate on the initial flavour, breath in through your mouth, swallow and breathe out through your nose. Your mouth tastes different in different areas, sweetness on the tip of our tongue, sourness and acidity on the side of our tongue. Bitterness is on the back.

Once you have done a proper tasting, all wine tastes better.

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