Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Middle Earth story starts here.

Once the great plains of Middle Earth were silent. The Dark Time had taken over, because good men did nothing.

After the Claudosa era but before Musmead and Middle Smiths, the Dark Time came gradually and most of us did not even realise it was slowly reducing Middle Earth to a time of silence. A long time of stress, crippling dreams and self doubt prevailed and Middle Earth was quiet.

The love and understanding of family sparked the first glimmer of hope and a candle light of fire was ignited. Middle Earth and the Story Teller started questioning the silence, we started to speak of the old times, before the Dark Times and as a sapling grows a strong root structure, so the people of Middle Earth urged the Story Teller to fight back.
The sapling grew and the Story Teller had only his pen to fight with, which he hesitantly took up. Middle Earth published it's first news, more news came and more wine was tasted leading to more events being shared. Finally the first Chronicle, since the Dark Time, brought recognition and news. Food and wine are now enjoyed, commented on and discussed, taking us back to simple comforts, which is the essence of all life. As more comments come through so will Middle Earth grow.

Merlin is back in control, Middle Smiths have moved again, Lily Florence has walked Kibble and Mus of Musmead has a much better outlook on life. The Faydales have come in from the cold and Cookydales have embraced the noble art of wine drinking. The first comments are coming through the post, creating a postal network for those who lost their position during the Dark Times. More is heard from the far flung Vales, about the Dales. Scattered families are talking and the Middle Earth will reflect this as it grows


  1. Loving the fact that the pen has been taken up again and that no sooner than the keyboard is cold that massive amounts discussion an sharing happens!

  2. I have no idea what either of you are talking about but I do know Lily Florence takes KEPPEL for a walk. Kibble is another word for dog food. Lily is taking her first few steps as long as her Mom is in sight. It's very cute watching her toddle along! X