Thursday, 10 June 2010

Post from the Kitchen

It has been a funny old day, cloudy but warm with sunshine coming through whenever there has been a break in the clouds. The clouds today were threatening at stages but seemed to loose the will to rain, almost like they simple did not have the energy left after the build up from white cotton wool bundles to dark brooding storm clouds.

I am going to try a new recipe tonight.
Pork Steaks, fried in garlic and mushroom butter and then making a sauce of cream and basil.
I though I would boil Jersey Royal potatoes and then mash them with a knob of butter, salt and pepper, soft cream cheese and parsley. Broccoli and a fresh salad. You need the greens for a healthy constitution and the salad breaks the richness of the sauce.

Middle Earth has been a quiet, getting on with it, kind of day, Press from Pressprinter is expecting a telegram from the Archivist of Middle Earth on the vexing matter of the milkman and his ancestors. Middle Smiths are delaying the release of the official history of the Merlot cultivar from the Claudosa era and Merlin in her own special way, is preparing a show for Lonald of Legodale. Lily Florence, who has just turned 1, has had teething problems and has not had the will to walking Kibble, much to his despair, "Oh for the life of a dog". So I will leave you with this thought and join my boys in the lounge, must rest my back.
The Clouds are not the puffs of angels, they are only clouds.

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  1. Lily Florence is still rosy cheeked from those bothersome teeth. There is still only the 1 though and she's realized she can bite pieces off if she positions the food correctly. She is walking like a little champion and can swim underwater for 3 seconds. Clever girl! Keppel is her devoted friend, knowing that wherever she goes there is sure to be a little titbit to snack on!!! X