Sunday, 13 June 2010

When I get older, I will be stronger.

When, I get older, I will be stronger, just like a waving flag. (World Cup Football Song)
With this in mind I cannot help thinking of Travis of Markus Smith, who is slowly finding his way through life and will sing this song with countless millions, as I will, but when I do I will think of him and how he comes to terms with this strange world we all live in.
Travis the song for you will always be:
When, I get older, I will be stronger, I will be playing cricket.
So when you dress in the morning to a football theme, remember this.

Tonight South Africa celebrates the opening of the Football World Cup, this volatile country will seem to prosper, for a while from this experience and then the man in the street will pay for it. Already South Africa has drawn to Mexico. Where can I hide!!

No news yet from the Archivist on the vexing matter of where the milkman comes from or Lily Florence on the Kibble matter. Mus of Musmead Manor is much improved and Celen keeps her head down. Markus, Under Dickens and the Middle Smith do have a duty to introduce their children to cricket. Middle Earth must provide for future generation as we have always done, a close eye will be kept on Mika, Daniel, Travis, Matthew and Lily Florence. Their progress will be watch with great interest by Middle Earth.


  1. WOW, WOW,WOW and WOW! Not much more can be said about this silly event known as the World Cup. On the way home from the office (on Friday) just about every company in the country seemed to have closed early. There were people out on the street (not being mugged) celebrating, blowing their Vuvu's and generally going crazy. Then the game came along and the guys actually did alright, everyone was crazy proud and much celebrating was enjoyed by all. Bok's destoyed the French and Aussies walloped the Pom's, what an amazing weekend!