Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Angels Bay – Ocean White - SE Australia

Colour: Light straw.
Smell: Fruit
Taste: Clean fruity wine with a hint of oak.
It does what it says on the bottle, great wine and hopefully not too expensive as I would like to buy a case. It is a First Cape Wine so has the right credentials.
What it says on the bottle:
From the lush green vineyards of SE Australia to the tropical islands of the Great Barrier Reef. Australia is a country of natural wonders. A deliciously fresh fruity white wine, which combines the lively citrus and floral notes on the nose with silky, smooth, tropical fruit on the palate.

Middle Earth.
Gary of Middle Smith has paid the Gardener, £38.00 for a trim, value for money I say. The Matriarch is very grateful, being the inspiration to all of us to keep a tidy garden, a place of peace and beauty that revitalises the soul, keeps us in tune with life and all its quarks.
Talking of the Matriarch, there is a wispy shadow of communication, in those dark hours before you are fully awake, a tantalising little glimmer of something to come. Like having been there before but not knowing when or how.
Caffie of the Cookydales is visiting us for 3 weeks, Celen, Cark, Cack and Cill are touring France, Spain and the Outer Hebrides in their Mobile Home. To those Cookydales I want to reassure you, Caffie is well, Cess is over the moon as she does not have to compete with Caffie for her food and no, Caffie does not like swede, is otherwise with gem squash but will cut the lawn if you sprinkle it with bird seed.

The investigation continues, I am inclined to agree with Iran, stone them.


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