Monday, 12 July 2010

Blossom Hill California White 2 for £7.00 Lidl

Colour; Light straw
Smell; Grapes, crushed and sweet.
Taste; The grapes tell it all, a full bodied white grape with a hint of Cashews.

Verdict; We have had this one before but I find the second time around they either sink or swim. This is an Olympic swimmer. I know you do not get it in Aus or SA but for those wee friends of mine in the UK, put a few bottles in your wine cellar (cupboard, under your bed, any place the dog can not get to it) and saviour your Blossom Hill for a while after the deal is off.

Middle Earth.
The Middle Smiths are in the Vale of Michael, the Matriarch resides there, cataloguing the Matriarch's inventory for future generation and history. They are staying over at an Inn originally built by Russell of the Georgian Smiths. I am sure the shadow of the Vale of George, walks the halls of that that humble inn.
The Georgian Smiths are fine executors of the Matriarch Estate, difficult task, but worthy of the calibre of a Georgian Smith. We must help and encourage him in his odious task.
Gary from the Middle Smiths has been taking care of the furniture etc of the house. Some things were treasured a great deal and this he knows and I feel for him and I am grateful for the decisions he has to make.





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