Saturday, 17 July 2010

Cimarosa Sauvignon Blanc 2009 - Chile

Colour: Light straw
Smell: Tropical fruit and grapes.
Taste: A true sauvignon variety, grassy and grapy with a fruity bouquet. Excellent bottle of wine and reasonable priced at £3.39..................... Sorry you must of been wondering where I had gone. Just prepared tonight's meal.

'What are you having?'
'Gammon, Medley of Vegetables – baked in cheese sauce and Jersey Royale Potatoes.'
'Sounds lovely my boy, we must have that when I come over for Christmas. I would have liked Pasta, Oh I so like Pasta, but I have to ration myself, three times a week, but tonight I am at a BBQ. A BBQ with all those I love in South Africa, excluding Nelson as he is getting on a bit, will be there. I do enjoy the attention but most of all I enjoy just being with them.'
'I know the feeling, just enjoy this rare moment, life is too short to chastise, be tolerant.'
'How are you?'
'I am fine, you still have not told me you are going?'
'Going where? I am still here, I will tell you when I am good and ready. In the mean time I was hoping to varnish the windows and paint the roof again.'
'When you are ready, no pressure. Love you.'

I know you are eager to know what the Medley of Vegetables is all about. Well I will tell you as this is not a family secret but a old recipe handed down by your great- grandmother, Margaret Symons, load all those vegetables you love the most and parboil for a certain amount of minutes, just before tender, drain, cover with a cheese sauce spiced with mushrooms and garlic. Bake for 35 minutes. Serve hot, why do they say that, no I prefer them cold, ????.

I hope today was good, Russell I really feel for you, the Matriarch has gone and it is up to you to be our glue, Mark let go or wait for me to tell you when she tells me she has gone, do not hold your breath. Love you all.

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