Friday, 2 July 2010

Five Oaks Chardonnay 2009

Colour; Light straw
Smell; Ripe fruit medley
Taste; Wooded, smooth and dry with a strong brioche bouquet on the top of your palete.

Verdict: I do not enjoy oak aged white wine but this is an exception. A wine to enjoy and enjoy.

Granny June has left us and I am left a little lost. She will never again taste a good wine, a fried onion, a chocolate cake. What a cruel world to take someone who was so content with life and her place in it. Never a time went by when she did not teach me something. That passing comment that made you think. When after a little while, you knew she was right, but did not want to admit the truth.

I was lucky and grew to wait for that wisdom of reality, that;

'My boy, I think you should think about it' and then she would gently chid me into thinking it through.

I must go back to Travis and his song we all love, this song has taken on a new character.
'When we get older, we will be stronger, just like a waving flag.'

Her South Africa, her waving flag. Mum you might be a hero in St Michaels on Sea, but hell, why was it not someone else?

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