Monday, 12 July 2010

Friday Night – Burger Night

We are creatures of habit, every Friday we have Burgers and chips, why? If I suggest something else the rest of the family will rise up in revolt.

Grilled burger patties and French style oven chips, fried onion and cheese melted on the burger patty. Put that into a bun and fill the rest of the plate with golden chips and we will all be happy.

Mark has takeover from Gary and is now getting down to the necessary task of disposing of Granny Junes effects. They are items of furniture she has gathered over the years. I can see her now, running her hand over her favourite chest of draws, admiring her leopard and scolding her dogs for wetting her Persian carpet. What cruel fate life plays that we can not take with us all those things we loved in our daily life?

This week has been better and worse than last week, better because we have to get on with our lives and worse that we feel guilty for it. I say no, Granny June would have us happy, she was a positive, encouraging in all her valued time with us. For those that feel they could have done more for her while she was alive, I would just say, you are her children or grandchildren, you have her in you and if the time could be had again, the outcome would be the same. This she understood and said as much to me on numerous occasions, mostly after a disagreement with one of her family. She never expected an apology just an understanding that we are all different but still the same. You can now say goodbye in your own time, knowing she did love you all.

I will be told sometime. She does take a little time to child me into reality. Until then I will write to her and know the clouds, which are not the puff of angels, will keep telling her of how we are getting on.

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