Friday, 23 July 2010

Gallo Family Wines from California

Colour: Dark cherry red
Smell: Rich, fruity
Taste: Woody
Verdict: I will definitely buy it again. (Review by Mally of Musmead Manor, Lady of few words!!)

They have found a star 186 light years away, that is far away, 100k bigger than the Sun and expected to last 10000 times longer than the Sun. Jeremy Clarkson and his Top Gear team are going there in a Toyota Bakkie. (BBC News)

Have you noticed how these fiendishly clever the Vets are? I know you are all saying, there he goes again, no this is true. We received a letter from the Vet yesterday addressed to Sam Fay. Sam Fay who is that?

Your annual health check is due now and we would be grateful if you would give us a ring and book an appointment, look forward to seeing you.

They immediately get the association going, this is not just a dog it is a Fay family member. I walk in with Sam and I am Mr Fay, Sam must be Mr Samuel Fay Jnr. I know a dog is not just for Christmas but we all know they do not last longer than 15 years, we love them dearly and pay the Vet dearly but I will not be calling Sam 'Mr Samuel Fay' in the foreseeable future.

Mark forgot the ashes, the curse of Granny June, Matriarch of Middle Earth, has still not said goodbye to her eldest grandchild. Your time will come, enjoy the continued association.

You may have noticed that Mally of Musmead Manor reviewed the wine tonight, well I must say that this type of commitment to Middle Earth is appreciated and taken in the spirit that it was given. It was a terrible review, Middle Earth does expect more, where it came from and what they said on the bottle, to name just a few. Thank you for the wine on my Birthday.

Talking of thank yous, Fulia of Faydale, you are a darling, all those thoughtful gifts have been appreciated and consumed on a daily basis.





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