Monday, 12 July 2010

Saturday are Golf and Cricket days in Middle Earth

The week has flown by and we are entering a more restful time, forgetting for a while the pressures of work, school and money. This weekend promises to be a sunny, hot affair. I am sitting at the Vale of Canford Golf Course waiting for Michael and Robert to finish their lesson and then it's on to the Vale of Parley, Michael has a cricket match against the Parlians Cricket Club. An all time grand occasion. Drop Michael and take Robert home, pick up Merlin, for her it is the beach and sun that beckons. I will find a cool spot under the oak trees at cricket and just sit and watch the game. The better for it that Michael is playing and well at the moment.

I do miss The Middle Smiths, Under Dickens and Markus Smith at such an event. One day we will all sit and watch this beautiful game together creating priceless memories for the future. I see it now, Gary, with Dan the Man, Mark with Travis and Matthew with Lily Florence, the first Dickens girl to play cricket, scorning the other girls at the beach. The odd pint to quench that devilish thirst. Gary did watch one match at Poole Park.


  1. We've watched a few cricket games too. Not sure if we were at Poole Park but it was absolutely freezing! Lily already has a 'big throw' when she launches the ball for her Keppel to fetch! X

  2. The years go bye and I forget, Angela and Matthew watched more then a few games and at one of those games, Matthew asked me if he could have my daughters hand in marriage. The memories are kind to us when someone helps the little grey cells. Lily Florence, cricketer of our time. I am so glad he did.