Friday, 6 August 2010

A blend of Chilli and Basil

Friday morning always take on the promise of a enjoyable weekend ahead. Banishing the pressures of work for two short days, relaxing mornings in bed and lazy afternoons with a good book or revelling in the smoky atmosphere of an evening BBQ. Reality is a strange bedfellow. Early Saturday walk for the dogs on the beach, then the morning Golf lessons and grocery shopping, mad dash to get Michael to cricket, you are torn between wanting to watch and all those household chores that you have put off all week and finally that glass of wine bringing you down from the buzz of the day. Sunday takes on its own speed, morning paper round, breakfast at Tesco and then we all start to relax, the first time over the weekend. Weekends are a day too short.

I am frustrated, bemused, having dealt with Margate Borough Council today, I find the call centers of India and Glasgow less daunting.

Samual Baxter B Jones of Dorset accompanied by Safcon, the Cookydales Labby, relish the continued out and about nature of cricket, beach and BBQ meat.


  1. I spent the morning running around doing stuff you can't during the mad week that's filled with the pressures of work and missed the bank by 15mins and had to ask myself how it is that they take our money every month to put it in safekeeping and then make it as difficult as possible when we ask for it back...

  2. Sorry forgot to say which wine had the hint of chilli and if it was the same one that had a hint of Basil...