Monday, 23 August 2010

Claudosa Ancestory

The Claudosa family came from the agricultural Mugello region, north of Florence, being mentioned for the first time in a document of 1230. The origin of the name is uncertain, although Claudia is the female form of Claudius. At this stage our archives do not shed any more light on the Claudosa family. It must be pointed out that the great writer of the time wrote;

That house during the course of centuries produced several very eminent, few great men; hardly a single noble-minded one. In all ages it distinguished itself alike by a spirit of haughty defiance, by disdain for the laws, and iron hardness of heart.

Now if that is correct we have to go on the assumption that they did have a representative at the Vatican. This opens up more possibilities as Giuseppe Medici (December 8, 1872 - March 27, 1956) did extensive research into the Mugello region. Before his death he sent copies of all his work to our library in Middle Earth.

I can only ask if anyone has information on the family linage of the Claudosa family to let us have that information. While I am on the subject of information, I have heard that Fess is getting closer to finding out where the Feter came from. The talk at the inn is that he came from the dark forest, but that is just talk and must not be taken seriously. Fulia and Fess will get to the bottom of the unknown milkman.

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