Thursday, 5 August 2010

Echo Falls Chardonnay 2008

Colour: Spring straw
Smell: Strong grape
Taste: Fruity vanilla.
On the bottle: Juicy, peachy, citrus and vanilla.
Verdict: This Mission Bells Winery bottle of Chardonnay does what it says on the bottle and is a great wine for a BBQ.

The BBQ is at the Faydales, Fulia and Femma excelled in creating a banquet to please the most discerning amongst us. A range of chicken, beef and pork, accompanied by tomato confiture and the Faydale salad. Hot rolls and the ever beloved Hellmans Real Mayonnaise. Fulia, as usual was dressed in her latest creation from her exclusive boutique, cut off demins and a crop top just reaching her waist. Sandals by Burtons rounded off this well thought out BBQ best dressed appearance. Femma complemented her mother with a floral top and a casual jumper draped over her shoulders.

Susan, in her best BBQ attire was dressed in her new BBQ attire T shirt and BBQ attire cotton slacks finished off with sandals by Sandals. With everyone dressed with such taste we men felt a little under dressed but being men we set about offering scintillating conversation and intellectual observation.

Safcon and Sam enjoyed a early morning swim at Sandbacks and then a afternoon walk in the park, all things considered it was a good day, well finished with an excellent BBQ.

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