Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A family of adventure

Merlin is in London doing Important things with important people. Our economy is in a dreadful situation but these important people are working tirelessly to give us a chance of success,

Michael is at Chessington World of Adventure, doing important evaluation on the theme park that Merlin and the important people are coming to grips with. We at Middle Earth are waiting on the outcome with confident from those we elected to fight our corner, speaking for the humble people of Southdale, Oakdale, Ozdale to name just a few, those who are not grateful will have to realise the seriousness of our position.

Talking of not being grateful, that price you pay is normally £10.

Angela of Underdickens, we have not heard from you for a while, you have travelled to Georgedale, visiting the Georgian Smiths. I hope you are all well and recovered from your African Flu.

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  1. 5 word review of chessington; good park but very long queues!!