Thursday, 19 August 2010

Fish and Chips – Aldi £6.25

What can I say, the humble cod swimming around the vast ocean, minding its own business and along comes a trawler with huge nets and he is now in the oven. No happy outcome there. Mika mouse is getting sausage rolls for her last day at school. Mika is the daughter of the Middle Smiths and a lovely little girl she is too. Lily Florence (Underdickens) has a body clock firmly planted in Townsville and now in Pretoria (Southdale) is keeping her mum and dad awake at night. Tomorrow Gary (Middle Smiths) is taking Matthew (Underdickens) to the forest to have a bicycle ride, such fun, jet lagged and on a bicycle that is not stuck to the ground. Matthew we all feel for you but need must!!

Sorry I needed to turn to chips over and season the tuna steaks. We are having Tuna, chips and a medley of roast vegetables, seasoned with garlic, ginger, parmesan and rock salt. All baked in the oven. Taliking of the oven, our old oven retired and Merlin instructed me to get a new cooker that was easy to clean. Easy you might say, I thought so and bought a glass top oven. Merlin declared she would never buy a Glass top oven if she had the choice, too difficult to keep clean.

In that situation I am a coward, my reply was somewhat weak.
'I agree, pity it was the only cooker they had that day, Currys are the worst departmental store I have ever shop in, I really can not understand what came over me, war rationing.'

Enough I say, I am digging a hole!!!

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