Thursday, 19 August 2010

La Lande – Bergerac 2010

Colour: Berry red
Smell: Fruit
Taste: Passing good and very drinkable

Verdict: Now one must be careful as I received this bottle of wine as a present from the Cookydales, you know them they live in Winterdale, just down the road from The Writer. Celen has been extremely generous and bought back gifts from Francedale, Celen you are a Darling, the wine is under review tonight.

Underdickens and the Middle Smiths have reunited after many months apart, the Underdickens arrived in Southdales yesterday from Osdale. That is a long trip, I can only hope Lily Florence is getting over the rigours of modern travel.

I have been busy, boys on holiday and Merlin at work, again, fills my day but all is not lost. I have managed to get a little work through the Middle Smiths that will take me to early November. Then as it is harvest time I will be busy reaping the fruits of nature until Christmas. This year is passing by without the normal hesitation of summer and we are now into a more autumnal season, soon my favourite time of the year will be upon us. Winter, long nights and short days went the sun sets at 4:30pm and does not show it's head until 8 or 9 the next morning.

To all those in Southdale, have fun together, life is worth living and the odd bottle of Claudosa wine helps the aches of wary travelling to subside for a while.

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