Sunday, 29 August 2010

Les Avinturiers – Vin de table de France - Rouge

Colour: Being a Rouge it is not as dark, more berry colour.
Smell: You can smell those French barrels anywhere.
Taste: A pleasant fruit juice with a mild adult extra.
Verdict: One must be careful when reviewing a wine received as a present, more especially when it was from Celen of Cookydale. A lovely lady, full of humility and beauty. I like it, fresh and a little sweet but good drinking, singing and dancing wine which will not let you down. The French have ancient saying, 'mis en bouteille par' I could not say it better. Good choice Celen of Cookydale, as always you are my best friend.

Drinking a Rouge wine from a small estate brings you back to mother earth. These peasant farmers spend all year tending their vines, harvesting their grapes and finally being rewarded with a good wine which will bring them their income for the next year. If you want to experience this private vineyard's wine then take a small trip to Francedale where they will welcome you, note the style of cloths and the vehicle you drive and charge you accordingly. Such a civilised way of doing business and combining it with pleasure.

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