Sunday, 29 August 2010

Out with the old in with the new.

Colour: Silver
Make: HP Dual Core
Size: 17" True LIFE

Verdict: I have not switched it on yet but the reason I have taken the Acer Notebook back and bought a proper laptop is the speed and size of the screen. It had a problem with the space bar, maybe the way I type but every now and again it did not put a space in. Great little notebook but after the initial euphoria it was just too small. Very mobile and ultra light, little more than a half a pound of butter.

Now into full screen and 2 hours battery again but can do all the work I want and enjoy watching Michael play cricket.

News from Southdale is that Angela of Underdickens is rather poorly, African flu, passing it on to Lily Florence has only made matters worse. Not only does she feel horrid, away from home but Lily is not sleeping well at night. Matt will be taking the strain but he is one of the best fitted to do the late night soothing. Get well soon and if it gets worse do not hesitate to see our eminent new doctor of Middle Earth. Gary of Middle Smiths will gladly pop you around, come to think of it he is the only one that knows where the doctor is, maybe he can share some direction with the rest of Middle Earth just in case of some other emergency. A name and form of communication would also be of some encouragement to us.

Merlin is off to London on Tuesday, important people are having an important meeting and no one better than Merlin to share this important event. Have a very important day and ensure all those important projected are action to the correct important people. Going forward we do need to start identifying the important people of Middle Earth, we must be more class conscious. This is very important as we have no plans in place to deal with the outside chance of some very important thing happening. Be prepared and we can avert the chaos that might befall us. Will all important people among us please put your names forward, so we can begin the Register of Important People (RIP).

To begin I am putting myself forward as Secretary to the Register of Important People.(RIP)

Have a good bank holiday weekend for those in the bank holiday Dale.


  1. may I put myself forward to be secretary of diplomatic peacekeeping.

  2. Robert is now the Important Person for Peacekeeping, very important too.

  3. can i just say the new laptop will soon be on its way back to be changed again! and i would also like to be an important person, the fun person!