Friday, 3 September 2010

Cooking the left overs

Ingredients: Chilli con corne, peas and sweet corn, spaghetti and a dry onion left over from last nights salad.
Dish: Spag Con Corne with peas and sweet corn, add a little garlic and a whole chilli, wel la, dinner for the masses.

6 weeks of summer holiday has passed in a blink of an eye. Tomorrow the boys go back to school, banishing the Xbox, Ipod, computer and mobile phone to the back burner as they embark on their new adventure of learning. Merlin is relieved, I am grateful for time passing and Sam is a sad puppy, no one will be around to play with him.

The Underdickens are in Georgedale, that is so far away we will have to catch up with them when they get back to Ozdale. Georgedale is so remote that it is not yet on the Middle Earth map. We have commissioned Google Earth to bring Georgedale into the 21st century.

The matters of Middle Earth have taken most of my time today, calls to Southdale, Musmead Manor and Ozdale only achieving one result. Middle Smith caught working. I still believe in Postman Pat and will be taking on that challenge from tomorrow.

Markus Smith remains lost in Southdale, has there been floods there? Knowing Markus he is in Pakistandale to help the poor flooded souls of Anotherdale. Playing by the Queens rules, no ball and you are rich. But we must allow for the Queens rules of, you are innocent until proved guilty, Hanse will have none of that, rightly so.

Till tomorrow my followers and citizens of Middle Earth where ever you are.


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