Sunday, 26 September 2010

Endurance Walk

Susan, Samuel and I set off this morning on an endurance walk from Sandbanks Car park to the Haven Hotel and the ferry crossing to Studland. Distance walking is not new to us but I must say this was a taxing task; the sand was soft and made the first part of the walk slow and difficult. Samuel constantly stopping to make sure we were on the right route did not speed this first section up while we were still fresh. Nose to the ground Samuel made it to the waters edge first, followed by Susan and I. Here we were greeted by a strong westerly wind and clear skies. The sea was reasonable choppy and Samuel, quite rightly, decided not to swim as we had the rest of the walk stretching out ahead of us. Walking with a renewed fresh pace as the sand nearer the water was firmer underfoot, we strode out full of confidence that we would achieve our task. We reached the second groyne on time and gratefully sat down for a rest. Samuel nose down checked the route ahead and we could see a tantalizing glimpse of the ferry in the distance. So near but so far. Rest over and we tackled our second part of this endurance walk. The suns was now high in the sky and with no clouds nestle over the mountains of Mountaindale, we had the perfect day to complete the walk. Pushing over selves to the limit we finally came around the Haven groyne to see the ferry docking on the Haven pier. Exhausted and happy to have completed this long walk we settled down at a quaint coffee shop and enjoyed a welcome breakfast of Bacon, cream cheese and tomato on a bagel with milky latte.

Susan then ordered Tiramisu and Mascarpone, well to her rightful indignation they brought her Tiramisu and a blind folded horse, she had definitely ordered Mascarpone. They replace the dish with commendable speed. Better laughter than never. Talking of laughter Nokia and the door will open. I know I have lost you now but all will be revealed. I will let you know on my religious mobile, I have a Pray and Go contract. Let us see if the dark side has a comeback.

I hope this walk has inspired the whole population of Middle Earth to get out there and enjoy the open spaces while they still exist. Middle Earth is as yet unblemished by migrant workers, we must all be vigilant against this increasingly common practice of other places. I have heard that Southdale had to evict the Mope a short time ago. You can never be too alert. Enjoy your weekend; it is a long weekend in Southdale with a public holiday yesterday, celebrating Dame Claudia of Middle Smiths birthday.

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