Thursday, 23 September 2010

Fabric of Society, the Internet and Wordpress

Everyday a virtual library is uploaded to the net. The average medium sized library has 2500 books with and average of 120 pages and an average of 300 words per page. By my calculations that comes to 90 million words a day. I will add another 200 odd words and the internet will cope. We will all be buying newer faster computers and using better search engines to get to the information highway that is our browse. Wordpress is the new buzz word in the web designer's arsenal. This very simple form of creating your own website comes with a helpful tutorial on HTML, higher text mark-up language, aimed at who I wonder but we will see.

We are all taught grammar at school and I was astonished to learn that English Universities are categorizing some of the grammar, drummed into us as children, as old fashion. The very fabric of society can draw a parallel to this stupid, dare I say dumb, attitude to the very essence of our daily lives. Middle Earth has been instructed by The Matriarch on certain key grammatical errors she has found in Anotherdale, not called the Badlands for nothing, Angela, lovely girl that she is, has accepted the post of Preserving Proper Grammar (POG) and will be commenting on any bad grammar in the future.

Is it 'Me and Lily' or 'Lily and I'?

The correct is Lily and I, and that is the small, old fashion value we have lost. If you respect your fellow man you will say Lily and I. Me and Lily, makes 'Me' all important and has no respect for Lily. The world has lost that respect and The Matriarch will have none of it.


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