Saturday, 18 September 2010

Fulia consults with the Cookydales about Borough matters

Gallow Californian White.
Colour: White grape.
Smell: Oh so fruity, a gay wine.
Taste: Still remains gay and sweet. Full of fruit and so tasty, very gay.

The Mope has come and we sent him back. It is all the news but Middle Earth Customs and Immigration stand firm. The Matriarch delivers another strong speech, condemning the wonton killing of Badgers and Merlin takes Megoland to task on the quality of the paint used on the bricks, all a little fuzzy if you ask me.

Fulia will be attending a meeting with the Cookydales tomorrow evening, hosted in an Italian style, this will have some long lasting consequences for Middle Earth and the merging of the Dales. In this severe economic environment, Fulia will have to make numerous civil servants redundant and Cark will have much to say about nothing. (George Bernard Shaw)

We have had another juvenile storm, picture attached shows a Megoman damaged by this adviserse weather pattern. This award winning photograph of the damaged Megoman shows clearly the strength of the winds and rain. His wee arm is off and he has a nonchalant turn of the head, must have been quite painful. As in all Mego things, his wee arm has been replaced and his nonchalantly turned head has been straightened. After a wipe off he is as good as new. Still it could have been bad, we can only be thankful for wee mercies.

Did you know that one in nine men experience bladder problems, now there is a solution to this embarassing complaint. Weenemen designed to fit the male physic comfortably, allowing them to get on with their active lives without those small mishaps when getting excited. We expect this product to be arriving at our Middle Earth Honesty shop shortly. Mally of Musmead Manor has had confirmation from Weenemen that the shipment has been despatched and has a long shelf life. Good work Mally, when Mus gets older he too might need the comfort of this manly, discrete product.

Merlin is sunning herself at the beach and the boys are practising their golf swing as I write this blog, with its economic and medical tips and advise. Talking of weather it has quite suddenly become a little more autumnal, this mornings temperature below 10 deg C with that fresh breeze we are so use too in the cooler times. Jumpers on and mittens dusted, we will be ready for the cold snap that is bound to arrive shortly.

For those who are wondering what happened to Lizzie, no news yet but like all gathering of facts from the late 1890's, it will be a while yet. One can only wonder what that wee girl must have felt like when told, she was the daughter of the young Lord of the Manor and that her mother was one of the chamber maids. Maybe she never knew she was adopted. I am intrigued to know more about her and what became of her. Merlin has not had the right opportunity to speak to Mags, delicate topic, we do know that Feter of Faydale would be directly related to her and that then shows us a clear link between Mags, Lizzie and Feter, as Feter is Mags's wee boy. Would she have been a Robinson? As soon as I have some more facts I will pass them on. Enjoy your weekend.

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