Friday, 24 September 2010

Good News from Georgedale

First of all let me tell you that a storm has just passed over Winterdale, a rainy, windy storm which soaked everything in its path and now has moved off to Musmead Manor. This weather front has brought in cooler winds and light rain, autumn is creeping into winter as we brace ourselves for what is predicted to be a cold Christmas. 11 deg C today.

Gussell has just let me know that he has another son, they are calling him Grephen. Gussell now has 3 sons, when will he stop, they called him Grephen because of Gussell's grandfather. A mighty warrior, Albert Grephen, scholar, politician and cricketer. Albert Grephen is father to The Matriarch. This is good news for Georgedale, the population was in decline and when he grows up he will stay on to takeover Gussell's Deli and maintain that Georgedale tradition of being a Dale of shopkeepers. Our best wishers are for Grene, Gussell, Gared and Gatthew on the arrival of a fine son Grephen. (Writers note. Fess you need to update the population register)

Claudia of Middle Smiths, formally of the Claudosa era, has had another birthday. I loose count but I think she has had 32 birthdays already. What a fine lady, full of grace and poise. A princess in Claudosa and a lady of Middle Earth. The Register of Important People have decided to honour her. From now on she will be known as Dame Claudia of Middle Smiths. I have it on good authority that Gary of Middle Smiths gave her a bunch of red roses and a lunch at Deloses. Such a romantic.




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