Saturday, 11 September 2010

Lizzie still not found.

This week has been enlightening to say the least. Merlin's Great Grandmother had a liaison with the Lord of the Manor. This coming together of an upper class gentleman and the chamber maid gave rise to the birth of a beautiful girl. Such was the scandal that Millie was forced to give the child away. The gentleman, then a young man and with a promising future, was persuaded to break off the relationship with Merlin's Great Grandmother Millie and was shipped off to a London University. We can only surmise that Millie was paid a hansom sum to agree.

Be that as it may, the question is, what happened to Lizzie? This unfortunate lass who was born from a badly judged relationship, was of half noble birth and as such would have had some title.
Merlin's mother Mags of Scotsdale, knows of this affair, how much we do not know. Merlin's Grandmother had a sister she never knew or did she? Claudia of Middle Smiths was over heard telling someone to keep their pecker in their pants, sound advice in the light of this tragic scandal from the late 1890's. Lizzie would be a mere memory to her descendents, but who are they and where did they end up?

We will need Fess of Faydales with the help of Fulia and Merlin to get to the bottom of this mystery. As Fess and Fulia are members of the Register of Important People they will have all the archive information and will in time come up with the answers. Merlin can try and get some more information from Mags, but since her accident her smarties are a little jumbled, so one can only hope.

Well if that is not enough news I have heard that Gary of Middle Smiths is hoping to export food to Anotherdale, over the mountains of Mountaindale into uncharted areas. He has formed a partnership with some of the natives of Southdale, one of which has been to Anotherdale and is confident of success. This new venture could bring more prosperity to Southdale, creating many new jobs and helping to fill the coffers of the Middle Smiths. The members of the Register of Important People are pleased with the vision and courage displayed by the Middle Smiths and as a result, are inviting the Middle Smiths to become members of the Register of Important People. This new post will be called Member for Anotherdale Affairs and Commerce (Maac). The abbreviation, seemingly most apt for those of the dark side.


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